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In the app you’ll find your Procore Meetings, Punch List Items, and other groups, as well as your Procore Directory. You’ll be able to notify any such group or individual about PTT for Procore via the app.
Or you can simply invite colleagues using Procore via email. Here’s a little info and the link to the app:
VoiceLayer, in the Procore app marketplace, has an app for communication via push-to-talk. You can login with Procore credentials and then create push-to-talk channels from any Procore grouping, such as a Procore Meeting or Punch List, or with any individual in the Procore directory. The Android app is at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.voicelayer.procore


3-month free trial

3-month trial


For up to 250 users.
Requires Procore Subscription.
No billing info required

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$1.99 per-user-per-month

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Valid for accounts created by Nov, 2016

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